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Do Bol Ost| Ja Tujhe Maaf Kiya | Nabeel Shaukat| Drama OST Lyrics

Ja Tujhe Maaf Kiya...Do Bol Nabeel Shaukat OST Lyrics
Ja Tujhe Maaf Kiya...Do Bol Nabeel Shaukat OST Lyrics

Do Bol OST- Jaa Tujhe Maaf Kiya

Broken Hearts hurt the most

Broken Promises breaks you the most

Trusting someone with all your heart only to end up with getting played…It not only makes you miserable but somehow makes you feel that you weren’t enough

You aren’t worth enough to stick around, to be loyal

But in reality, the person who breaks your heart is the one who doesn’t deserve you

Who are do deserve your tears, he isn’t worth it

Rather than remembering them & hurting yourself it is better to realize that they weren’t capable or special enough to be with you

They don’t deserve you Continue Reading

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TVF Tripling Season 3 | Trailer Out| Summit Vyas,Maanvi, Amol

TVF Tripling Season 2 Trailer Out
TVF Tripling Season 2 Trailer Out


Ok, let me ask you a question

When was the last time you went on a Road Trip?

One second…Let me rephrase that for you

When was the Last time you went on a Road Trip with your siblings??

Seems unlikely but trust me it can be a trip worth experiencing especially when you have unique characters as your siblings

Can you even imagine how it could be to go on a road trip with your siblings

No Plan, No destination just a car & you guys together

Trip With Siblings=Tripling

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First Step Towards My Dream

Digital marketing club bangalore- deepak kanakaraju
Digital marketing club bangalore- deepak kanakaraju


Familiar word right?

We all have dreams but dreaming about something & having a dream is quite different.don’t you think?

The dreams I’m talking about are quite different from what we dream at night.

I’m not talking about the dreams that we have while sleeping but the dreams that won’t let you sleep

The dreams that are desperate to turn into reality, a reality that will be worth living for Continue Reading

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Duniya Song Lyrics Sung By Akhil & Dhvani [Luka Chuppi]

Duniya song lyrics luka chuppi movie 2019 kartik aryan & kriti sanon- akhil
Duniya song lyrics luka chuppi movie 2019 kartik aryan & kriti sanon- akhil

Duniya Song From Luka Chuppi Movie

A Beautiful romantic song from the Movie Luka Chuppi starring Kartik Aaryan & Kriti Sanon

It is like of song that brings a smile on your face & lightens up your mood

Gives a calm soothing vibe, really liked the song

Check Out the lyrics here

Bhulave Tujhe Yaar Ajj Meri Galliyan

Basaun Tere Sang Main  Alag Duniya

Bhulave Tujhe Yaar Ajj Meri Galliyan

Basaun Tere Sang Main Alag Duniya

Na Aaye Kabhi Dono Main Zara Bhi Fasale Continue Reading

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Main Rahu Ya Na Rahu Bharat Ye Rehna Chahiye [Pulwama Attack- Tribute To The Real Heros]

Bharat Manikarnika Movie song lyrics

Pulwama Attack

14 Feb

A day that was meant for the celebration of love was turned into a black day when our soldiers were…killed

The pain that day brought, the horror & terror of losing our people, the brutal attack on our motherland, the rage that’s been building up is hard to put in words

I can’t describe the feeling & worst can’t even imagine what the families were going through who lost their loved ones in that horrific event

That’s why I didn’t post anything earlier  because I wasn’t in the state of mind to do so

but yesterday was just browsing the net for work & somehow ended up listening to this song

And each & every lyric touched my soul & made my heart cry

felt like this is what our warriors might be thinking/feeling while they are out there protecting u Continue Reading

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Mahir To Get His Memory Back, Bela’sTandav & Much Awaited Behir Confession

Mahir To get his memory back & behir love confession in naagin 3
Mahir To get his memory back & behir love confession in naagin 3

Naagin 3- A Supernatural Love Story

Naagin 3 – Supernatural Fantasy show on Colors tv that has been ruling the show from the day it aired

The lead couple of the show Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) & Mahir(Pearl V Puri) have been ruling the hearts of millions from the day one

The chemistry of BeHir(Bela & Mahir) has been the USP of the show, Making them the hottest couple on Indian Television

The love that the couple is getting is quite evident on Social Media like Instagram & Twitter

But from the past two months, fans of Behir were sad as their favorite couple were going through a rough time

First Naagin truth revelation, Mahir Memory loss & then Kiddo Mahirs entry

The audience were heartbroken to see their favorites sad onscreen

But seems like the happy days are gonna be back soon

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Marham Song Lyrics- Sonu Nigam [ SP Chauhan]

Marham Song Lyrics - Sony Nigam Sp Chauhan Movie
Ab Ankhe Mere, Tujhe Dhunda Kare Tu Mile Na Agar Tho, Ye Roya Kare Fasale Ye Kum Karu… Main Kisi Tarah Dard Main Marham Banu… Main Kisi Tarah

Marham Song[Helpless Love]

Have you ever been in a place, where you want to take away all the pain from your loved one’s,where you want to be their Marham but you can’t

All ypu could do is stay back & see them suffer 🙁

The pain of not being able to help your loved ones is the worst feeling you could ever go through

The Latest Song Marham is one such song that depicts this feeling beautifully

Slow melody with meaningful lyrics, will touch your heart

This Song is sung by Sonu Nigam

It is from the movie SP Chauhan Starring Jimmy SheirgillBaljinder KaurYashpal SharmaYuvika Chaudhary Continue Reading

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Dil Main Ho Tum- Song Lyrics [Why Cheat India ]

Dil Main Ho Tum...Why Chaet India song Lyrics
Dil Main Ho Tum...Why Chaet India song Lyrics

Dil Main Ho Tum, Aankhon Main Tum…Pehli Nazar SE Hi Yaara

First Love

The feeling itself is so beautiful that it is hard to describe in words

Falling for someone on the first sight & no matter how much you try to stop thinking about them

Hearts Keeps on doing that

Making someone your priority

Having that someone in life, who becomes the center of your universe

Whatever you do & everything you do somehow somewhere it gets connected to them

You can’t get them out of your head & hearts starts craving for them

These things are hard to put in words

but sometimes what we fail to convey music does that for us

And one of that kind of songs is the latest romantic number

Dil Main Ho Tum

FRom the Movie Why Cheat India Featuring Emraan HashmiShreya Dhanwanthary, This song has been sung by Armaan Malik, and Music is given by Bappi Lahiri, Rochak Kohli and lyrics are penned by Manoj Muntashir, Farooq Qaiser.

Check Out The Lyrics


Chal Diya… Dil Tere Peeche Peeche,

Dekha tha…… Main Reh gaya

Kuch Tho Hai….Tere Mere Darmiya

Jo Ankha…Sa Rehgaya

Main Jo Kabhi….. Keh Na Sakta….

Aaj Keh Tha Hu…..Pehli Dafa…. Continue Reading

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Ek Ladki KO Dekha Tho Aisa Laga Title Track Lyrics [ Feel The LOve]

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Tho Aisa Laga title track lyrics
Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Tho Aisa Laga title track lyrics

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Tho Aisa Laga…

Original Song from the Movie 1942- A Love Story.

(Starring Anil Kapoor, Manisha Koirala, Music By R D Burman & Lyrics By Javed Akhtar)

This song holds so many memories

We have grown up listening to it

It used to be a part of all Antaksharies that we used to play & not to forget the memorable scene from Main Hoon Na… that gave us laughing fits

But never the less the new version of

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga is dam beautiful too

It gives more of a soothing effect that brings calm to your heart

Although The whole song is not out yet

But still, I’m loving it

The song is constantly running in my mind so penned it down.

The New Song Is Sung By Darshan Raval, Rochak Kohli, Music is By Rochak Kohli By Lyrics are written By Gurpreet Saini

Featuring Sonam Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao, Anil Kapoor, Juhi Chawla

.Here are the lyrics

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