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Why??? Justice for Girl- Child



Why is with just my first heartbeat the existence of my life is put at risk?

Why kill me before I breathe? Just because I’m a girl, not a boy!

Why is when a boy is born parents are congratulated saying what a luck you have at the same time a girl is born parents are consoled saying they still have a chance?

Why my birth is not celebrated as that of birth of the boy?

Why is my every right- the right to freedom, right to education, right to speech even right to live is snatched away? Why do I have to fight for my right?

Why a girl’s education, career, dreams are up for question?

Why am I treated as a liability, responsibility that just has to be dealt with?

Why are families ready to spend more on girl’s wedding than her education? Continue Reading

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Quotes for Healing Heart

Life throws up new challenges for everyone every single day. No matter how big or tough the situation is, you got to face it.

A bad situation might teach you a lesson of a lifetime while a happy situation might make a beautiful memory.

Here are some quotes to keep you going 😉


  • Marriage is a beautiful bond you create with someone for a lifetime, never push yourself in this bond until & unless you know that you found the one!

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