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The Pain of Love- Humnava Mere [Star Crossed Lovers]

Broken Heart pains the worst, people say it good to have loved &  lost than never finding love at all. The idea of having someone whose whole world is You is fascinating but when it see the end, it not only taken away your happiness but it also takes away a part of you.

When two people are madly in love & want to have a life together but destiny has some other plan. it tears two souls apart & there is no pain worse than that at least on the emotional level.

The pain, suffering is unbearable & there is no better remedy to a broken heart then Music. it may not lessen the pain but it might help to bear it.

Here is a Song that describes the Pain of Start Crossed lovers So Beautifully it will touch your Soul! It will definitely make you remember Someone whom you love Badly.

Here are some lines that touched My Heart <3

Jo sirf mera tha sirf mera
Maine usey kyun kho diya

Haan woh aankhein jinhe main
Choomta tha bewajah
Pyaar mere liye kyun
Un mein baaqi na raha

Humnava mere
Tu hai to meri saansein chale
Bata de kaise main jiyunga
Tere bina


Tu aakhri aansu o yaara
Hai aakhri tu gham
Dil ab kahaan hai jo dobara
De dein kisi ko hum

Apni shaamon mein hissa
Phir kisi ko na diya
Ishq tere bina bhi
Maine tujhse hi kiya

Humnava mere tu hai to meri saansein chale
Bata de kaise main jiyunga tere bina
Faasle na de ki main hu aasre tere
Bata de kaise main jiyunga tere bina


Seene mein jo dhadkane hain
Tere naam pe chale hain
Kaise main jiyunga tere bina

Check Out the full Song Below- Humnava

Lyrics Credit goes to Google!

Hope you loved the song as much as I did.