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Behir SS- Lost Without You!!! [Naagin 3- ColorsTv] BeHir 2.0

BeHir SS- Lost Without You!!! Naagin 3 Colors TV

Hey guys

I’m thinking about writing a small story on Behir’s current track naagin3 (Colors Tv)

I’m a huge behir fan(some of you might have already guessed it based on my recent posts) & the current track is frustrating me a lot

I’m missing Behir(Surbhi Jyoti & Pearl V Puri)

This Memory loss track of Mahir is making me bang my head so thought of creating my own version of Mahirji’s memory loss

Behir 2.0

So wanna give it a try

Rest assured: There is NO scope of Vi——-Hir in my ss

So let’s start

Behir SS- Lost Without You!!!

Two people who started their journey as strangers unknown to the fact that they were meant to be together

They were the chosen one, Soul mates who were meant to cross each-other paths somehow someday

And when they did, with lots of up & down’s love found its way

But being together wasn’t so easy

Every day a new enemy, every enemy had a new scheme but the agenda was to separate them

While evil was trying to tear them apart destiny was bringing them closer

With every difficult time they passed together, they got closer, their bond grew stronger





What happens when one forgot the other?



They were a team, a combo of mind & heart, a balance of power & purity

But one-day evil took its shot & they were torn apart,

And now will they find a way to each other again?

Memory was erased but was love too?

Mind forgot the person but did heart forget the feelings too?

In this fight between greed & love, real & fake,

Who will win Pure Love or Lust for Power??

Stay tuned to know more

Do let me know what you think about the prologue

Are you enjoying the current track or getting annoyed as much as I do

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    January 19, 2019

    Yes. Please write the story.

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