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Make This Raksha Bandhan Special For Your Sister With These Three Promises

Happy Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan – Celebration of Brother-Sister Love

A beautiful festival that is the celebration of siblings love.

A sibling who is your partner in crime at the same time the victim of your major pranks, the one who knows all your secrets & also the one who blackmail you with them, who will fight with you at the same time will fight with the world just for you.

A beautiful bond that a brother & sister share where you can’t live without them nor with them & Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of this love.

raksha bandhan -

On this auspicious day, every sister ties Rakhi on her brother’s hand as a silent promise to protect her & to keep her safe.

Make this Raksha Bandhan special for your sister with these promises

Don’t Just Protect Her, Protect Her Rights

This is no hidden truth that in our country there is an obvious difference in between what a girl can do & what a boy can do.

Although the constitution gives us equal rights society doesn’t, this Rakhi promise her to protect her rights. stand by her & let her have her rights. Whenever you see her rights her wishes being snatched or rejected stand by her, be her rock & give the life she deserves.

“Change begins at Home”

Gift Her the Freedom, Treat Her Equal

“Let her free, give her the freedom to breathe”

Everything in the limit is good even restrictions, let the reasonable justified restriction stay but not those that can suffocate her, there are hundreds of girls who are living a suffocated life don’t let your sister be one of them.

Give her the freedom to live her life, treat her equal & stand by her when someone tries to take that away from her.

Let Her Be

There might be some situations when your protectiveness can kick in but as long as you know she is safe, keep it at bay.

let her make her own choices,

let her make her own mistakes,

there are certain things that only life can teach. let her make her own mistakes & learn from them. stand by her & be her support system. let her take her own steps towards building her life.

Be her friend so that whatever she wanna do, she doesn’t have to do it behind your back.

Let her know that you trust her enough to make her own choices & you are there for there!!!

“Expression of love can be in any form. Accepting your loved one’s the way they are the biggest gift one could give”

Finally happy Raksha Bandhan to all. Well, I have none so lucky you that has one… Cherish this love, fight as much as you want but love to the back & moon …

Good luck to you all & have super fun 🙂

Lots of Love!!!






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