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Unique & Much Needed Story-Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Tho Aisa Laga[Trailer-Review]

Ek Ladki KO DEkha Tho Aisa Laga- Trailer Review

New Movie Ek Ladki KO Dekha Tho Aisa Laga- Trailer Released

The Trailer of the Movie “Ek Ladki Ko Dekha THo Aisa Laga” Is Out

I know I don’t usually write about these kinds of stuff but this one is worth mentioning

And TBH I’m pleasantly surprised as it is not what I was expecting

So are you ready for

The Most Unexpected Romance of the year!

It is a story Sweety & her love

Sweety a sweet innocent Punjabi girl who always dreamed about finding her love

A Story of the girl who falls in love but scared that it won’t be accepted by others!

You might be thinking what is new in this?

Trust me it is

This love story has a catch, it is based on homosexuality

Yes Sweety is in love with A Girl

And There is nothing really wrong, unique or something

This is reality

There are many people out there who are in love with the same gender person & there is absolutely NOTHING WRONG in it

But still, they are judged

They are still striving hard, struggling every day to be accepted in the society

all they need is acceptance for who they are & with whom they wanna be

And truth to be told there is no one who could ever tell you with whom you should be

That right belongs to your heart

A boy can fall in love with a Girl

A girl can fall in love with a boy

A boy can fall in love with a boy

And A girl can fall in love with a girl

There is nothing absolutely out of ordinary here

Love knows nothing, Heart sees nothing- no caste,creed, culture ,sex anything

Heart just falls in love & craves for Love


This year Supreme Court took a Step towards making a difference & providing justice to the LGBT community by scrapping section 377

Laws states that one person can love another person regardless of their sex

Supreme Court did its bit to give equality to the LGBT community by scrapping 377

The community won a fight but not the war

They will get their due, they will win when the society accepts them

when society starts seeing them just like us, part of us which they ARE but

its time society realizes it

I’m really glad that

Bollywood has taken a step towards this initiation

A Step to make a difference

That too with not a low budget movie which even thou having great content

fails in reaching the large audience

I want to applaud Vidhu Vinod Chopra  & Fox Star Studios who came up with this movie that too with dhamakedar star cast like Sonam Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Rajkumar Rao, Juhi Chawla

Its been quite a while since I have been surprised or drawn to the content of Bollywood movie

but I’m really looking forward to this one

With the New year approaching, Seems like Bollywood is taking a step towards making a difference

I really wish this movie can make an impact & let the society see the love as “just love” & understand how their judgment can make people lives hell & how everyone have the right to love their chosen one like all of us

I wish the whole team best of luck

will be looking forward to this

Check out The Trailer

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