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Marks Are Just Numbers on The Paper, They don’t Decide Your Future!

Results Are Out!!!

The scariest 3 words that a student can ever hear but sadly we have to hear them many times in our lives, During High School, 10th Boards, 12th Boards be it State/CBSE the scary feeling is always there. The nervousness of what is at stake & the fear of losing on to something best by just a little variation of marks, fear of disappointing our families, letting them down in front of others, getting compared to friends & many more of those scary & nonsense thoughts are bound to cross our minds, it happens all of us.

I remember the time when I was in your place when my result was about to come, Sleepless nights from the time I got to know that results will be out soon to stay up the whole night before “The Day” & pray to all gods! We all have done that & it a part of life but what I have learned growing up is “Marks Are Just Numbers on Paper, They don’t Define You & They certainly don’t decide your future”

You can be whatever the hell you want with or without the marks! 

Scoring well is good, study hard put on your level best to gain more knowledge so that it’ll help you in future not just to gain marks & if you scored well that is good but even if you didn’t “it’s not the end of the world”  You didn’t do anything wrong, its not the biggest blunder & it certainly is not irreversible. If you failed in the exam, give yourself a SEcond Chance & if you passed but didn’t quite scored what you anticipated then it’s ok. don’t beat yourself for it Maybe there is something much better waiting for you. ”

“Life has a way of happening on its own”

So, Take a deep breath & relax whatever this day brings to you, turn it into a new light to your life. Accept it & move forward. Remember marks don’t define you, there are tons of people who never got great marks but today they are leading a great life! If they can why can’t you?

Just one last but really Important Request

Please don’t give more importance to the results than your lives, please don’t do anything stupid that is irreversible & will be a haunting memory for your parents. well, many of you might have known what I’m talking about So, please don’t try to harm yourself over some stupid marks because your life is much more worthy than some marks. You can get a chance to score well next time but if you do something stupid your parents will never get a chance on their kid, they’ll never get a Second Chance.

So think before you do Something!!!

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