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Quotes for Healing Heart

Life throws up new challenges for everyone every single day. No matter how big or tough the situation is, you got to face it.

A bad situation might teach you a lesson of a lifetime while a happy situation might make a beautiful memory.

Here are some quotes to keep you going šŸ˜‰


  • Marriage is a beautiful bond you create with someone for a lifetime, never push yourself in this bond until & unless you know that you found the one!


  • Relationships are beautiful but only when they holdĀ love &Ā respect for each other. If it doesn’t thenĀ it turns into something toxic. At that time it is very important to separateĀ yourself from that toxic before it breaks you completely.


  • Love Hurts!


  • You understand the value of someone or something only when you lose it.


  • Easily AvailableĀ is also easily forgettable

  • People comeĀ in our lives for many reasons, some stays & some don’t but feelings & memories stays forever <3



  • Not everything goes by the book. Sometimes to do right you have to see the things in the new light.

  • Love is beautiful, Selfless & Unconditional love is magical but losing yourself & letting yourself played in name of love is not RIGHT!

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