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Mahir To Get His Memory Back, Bela’sTandav & Much Awaited Behir Confession

Mahir To get his memory back & behir love confession in naagin 3

Naagin 3- A Supernatural Love Story

Naagin 3 – Supernatural Fantasy show on Colors tv that has been ruling the show from the day it aired

The lead couple of the show Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) & Mahir(Pearl V Puri) have been ruling the hearts of millions from the day one

The chemistry of BeHir(Bela & Mahir) has been the USP of the show, Making them the hottest couple on Indian Television

The love that the couple is getting is quite evident on Social Media like Instagram & Twitter

But from the past two months, fans of Behir were sad as their favorite couple were going through a rough time

First Naagin truth revelation, Mahir Memory loss & then Kiddo Mahirs entry

The audience were heartbroken to see their favorites sad onscreen

But seems like the happy days are gonna be back soon

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BeHir Shower Journey- From Rejection To Acceptance Of Love [Naagin 3- Colors Tv]

BeHir-Two Souls That Are Meant To Be One

Lead Pair Mahir Sehgal & Bela Mahir Sehgal of Supernatural Triller Naagin3 played by Pearl V Puri, Surbhi Jyoti

Under Balaji Production on Colors Tv

One of the fans of this show requested me to write on this scene after reading my previous article on Naagin3

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Bela & Mahir- Two Names Meant to be taken Together

I’m sure all behir fans will be la la land after the Dassera special episodes & trust me I can completely understand.

I’m also part of it, can’t get over them

I have seen the episode so many times, that i don’t even need to watch it anymore.

It just auto plays in my mind.

But out of all the amazing scenes that we got that week, The shower scene steals the show for me.

Not only because it was beautiful, emotional & not to forget finally an amazing behir scene after a month

But because of what it symbolizes

This is the second behir shower scene & before we discuss this let us talk about the first one

I can still remember the buzz, excitement we fans felt when its promo was out & TBH the episode was much more intense than what we anticipated(no complaints ;))  such that it was one of the best episodes of the naagin3 series

BeHir Relation was not the one that was arranged or pre-planned but it was destined. Continue Reading