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Mahir To Get His Memory Back, Bela’sTandav & Much Awaited Behir Confession

Mahir To get his memory back & behir love confession in naagin 3

Naagin 3- A Supernatural Love Story

Naagin 3 – Supernatural Fantasy show on Colors tv that has been ruling the show from the day it aired

The lead couple of the show Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) & Mahir(Pearl V Puri) have been ruling the hearts of millions from the day one

The chemistry of BeHir(Bela & Mahir) has been the USP of the show, Making them the hottest couple on Indian Television

The love that the couple is getting is quite evident on Social Media like Instagram & Twitter

But from the past two months, fans of Behir were sad as their favorite couple were going through a rough time

First Naagin truth revelation, Mahir Memory loss & then Kiddo Mahirs entry

The audience were heartbroken to see their favorites sad onscreen

But seems like the happy days are gonna be back soon

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Behir SS- Lost Without You!!! [Naagin 3- ColorsTv] BeHir 2.0

BeHir SS- Lost Without You!!!

Hey guys

I’m thinking about writing a small story on Behir’s current track naagin3 (Colors Tv)

I’m a huge behir fan(some of you might have already guessed it based on my recent posts) & the current track is frustrating me a lot

I’m missing Behir(Surbhi Jyoti & Pearl V Puri)

This Memory loss track of Mahir is making me bang my head so thought of creating my own version of Mahirji’s memory loss

Behir 2.0

So wanna give it a try

Rest assured: There is NO scope of Vi——-Hir in my ss

So let’s start

Behir SS- Lost Without You!!!

Two people who started their journey as strangers unknown to the fact that they were meant to be together

They were the chosen one, Soul mates who were meant to cross each-other paths somehow someday

And when they did, with lots of up & down’s love found its way

But being together wasn’t so easy

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“Then & Now” Behir- Love Saga [50 episodes Celebration]

 Naagin3 50th episode Celebration

The No1 TV show Naagin Season 3 is about to air its 50th episode this Saturday & this definitely calls for a celebration.

A hearty congratulations to the whole cast & crew of Naagin 3

The actors are the face of the show but at the same time

There is an entire team of hard workers on the back that deserves appreciation for their hard work as well

Naagin 3 has power pack star cast with

Popular actors

like Surbhi Jyoti, Pearl V Puri, Anita hassanandani, Rakshandha Khan, Chetan Hansraj, Rajat Tokas, Pavitra Punia & many more…

The story is enticing & keeping the viewers hooked but the USP of the show is the Lead pair Behir i.e bela & Mahir.

The powerful & intense chemistry of Pearl V Puri & Surbhi Jyoti has stolen many hearts making them one of the most popular couples on TV

Unlike other seasons where the focus was more on revenge & naagmani this season naagin 3 is more focus on the love between a naagrani & human(for now),

They have focused more on building their bond & time to time have focused on their love, them being soul mates & how they are connected to each other & in future how these two will become a powerful couple & will protect the naaglok together

How they have already mentioned that Mahir will b a zariya(path) to every mission/fight that Naagrani bela will face.

This plot has kept viewers hooked to the show, the way the transition of hate to love is shown until now has made people fall in love with this beautiful couple making then the hottest pair behir who are giving us all couple goals with every passing episode

So with the completion of 50 episode I thought why not make a post on the rollercoaster love journey of behir…

So, on the account of naagin 3 completing 50 episodes Lets celebrate the love & pass through the memory lane & fall in love with behir all over again what say???


             Then & Now of Behir

Attacker Turning Into A Savior

Bela entered Mahirji’s life only with the agenda to make his life hell, punish him for his “wrongdoing”

but after knowing the real him rather than killing him she ended up vowing to protect him no matter what!

 From Strangers To Soulmates

The journey from Strangers to Passionate LOvers!