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Why??? Justice for Girl- Child



Why is with just my first heartbeat the existence of my life is put at risk?

Why kill me before I breathe? Just because I’m a girl, not a boy!

Why is when a boy is born parents are congratulated saying what a luck you have at the same time a girl is born parents are consoled saying they still have a chance?

Why my birth is not celebrated as that of birth of the boy?

Why is my every right- the right to freedom, right to education, right to speech even right to live is snatched away? Why do I have to fight for my right?

Why a girl’s education, career, dreams are up for question?

Why am I treated as a liability, responsibility that just has to be dealt with?

Why are families ready to spend more on girl’s wedding than her education?

Why when the brother is allowed to play outdoors as a child, sister is expected to help & learn household chores?

Why am I expected to marry off as soon as I reach legal age?

Why am I expected to spend my rest of life with someone who I don’t even know? Just because he has a stable job & good family background, a good house to live in? Am I marrying him or his money? Will I be spending my whole life with him or his house? What about his character? Job change, house changes but character & mentality won’t? is he the one? Don’t I have the right to choose?

Why guy can spend all his time outside but when a girl goes out for her career, family & life she is questioned by all?

Why her clothes are her character certificate?

Why when a guy has many girls as friends he is termed popular but if a girl has even 2-3 friends who are guys then she is termed as a characterless?

Why a guy has to hold a door for me? Why does he have to pay for us? Why can’t we do it together?

Why is a person allowed to throw an acid on me & walkway?

Why when I am not even allowed to enter a temple while menstruating, how come a guy can enter me while I am protesting?

Why my YES or NO doesn’t matter

Not Alone Now

Why even though women have proven themselves all the time, even when they have conquered all the three forms Water, Earth & Sky. There are imagined only in Kitchen & Bed!

Why Female goddess is worshipped & female humans are trashed?


Why is that every stage of my life is up for question?

Why am I up for question?

After all this, all these unanswered questions, unwanted judgment, the undeserved rejection I ask myself only one question- WHY

What Haven’t I given up Yet????