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First Step Towards My Dream


Familiar word right?

We all have dreams but dreaming about something & having a dream is quite different.don’t you think?

The dreams I’m talking about are quite different from what we dream at night.

I’m not talking about the dreams that we have while sleeping but the dreams that won’t let you sleep

The dreams that are desperate to turn into reality, a reality that will be worth living for

To turn those kinds of dreams into reality you got to work your ass off

you might have to give-up on somethings, break your boundaries, get out of your comfort zone & have to take a risk

risk of losing, risking of failing… but at the end of the day taking that risk is gonna be worth it

someone once said-

the biggest risk is never taking a risk

So I don’t wanna take that risk thus tomorrow I’ll be taking a step towards my dream

First Step Towards My Dream

I’m a girl who has been pampered all her life, guarded against the world.

TBH I hardly get out of my comfort zone, in fact taking up blogging was  a part of that reason too

because this gives me an opportunity to work from my comfort but now I feel I really to step out

Put myself out there & try to see the world with naked eyes

Tomorrow I’ll be meeting many new people & moreover will be meeting my mentor

I’m super nervous, scared as hell as I don’t know what I’m gonna say or do but somewhere in the corner of heart I’m jumping with excitement

Tomorrow I’ll be stepping out, getting into my field, will be meeting like minded people

And moreover, this will give me an opportunity to test myself out, explore myself & honestly I have a great feeling that this will turn out to be good

Will bring me closer to my dream at the same time will give me a reality check that how much more is there for me to discover

Easy Way Or The Right Way

You know it is dam easy to have a goal & dream day-night that you gonna achieve it

Daydreaming about your success is easy & convenient but at the same time it is just an illusion

An illusion or as we say khayali pulao that is enough to keep you happy for the matter of time

you can float around in your daydreams but when reality kicks in- your sand castle will be washed away by the waves

You can daydream all your life but in reality, you are just wasting your time & missing the chances to make your dream a reality

Let Me Share A Small Story That My Dad Told Me When I Was Young & Even Today He Keeps Reminding Me Of It When I Feel Dishearted

A Story Of Luck & Hard Work

Once there was a man who used to pray every day to god to make him win a lottery

He did anything & everything to please god & he prayed to every god

Every day just one wish i.e to make him win the lottery… but his wish never fulfilled

The same routine kept going on & one day god appeared in front of that man & asked him What Does He Need??

And the man replied the same thing- that he wants to win a lottery & any idea what God Replied

He said to the Man “Buy A Dam Lottery Ticket”

Every day that man made all the efforts in the world to please god to win the lottery but he never made a small move of actually buying a lottery ticket

Now tell me something how in the world can God make you win a lottery if you don’t even have a lottery ticket

Hypothetical I know but the lesson learned is what one needs to believe in life

Only Luck Doesn’t Work, You Got To Make An Effort

And tomorrow I’m gonna do the same

making an effort, taking a step towards my dream, putting myself out there

tbh I have no idea how tomorrow’s event will turn out to be or how & what will I do

But all I know now is this is the chance I would regret missing

However tomorrow turn out to be, I know I ‘ll learn something important only

So please wish me luck & you…

What is stopping you For Taking The First Step??

What are you waiting for, chase your dream & never get scared from making the choices that will bring you closer to your dreams

as long as your instinct & heart says the choice is right, even though a bit difficult but it is the right one

then go grab it

because if not, you will regret all your life that you lost an opportunity to turn your dream into a reality

And I’ll be back with my experience soon

Until then

Take Chance & Live True To Yourself

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